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A torent love affair with myself

(i spelled torrent wrong)

king of carrot flowers
20 August
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"wicked", 80's music, americans singing french, amy lee, art, australia, belle and sebastian, biking, bjork, blink182, blondie, boots, bosch, boston commons, boys, buttons, cake, cat power, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate milk, clean sheets, coldplay, cookie monster, crab rangoon, cuddle core, dashboard confessional, deathcab for cutie, diet coke, diversity, dr. pepper, drama, elvis, emo, emo boys, explodingdog.com, fashion, fionna apple, fredrik leighton, garment district, get up kids, going out, golden girls, goonies, grapefruit, green day, grover, harold and maude, hecuba, hipbones, hot hot heat, ice cream, imperial teen, india.arie, indie rock boys, jets to brazil, jill sobule, john waters, josie and the pussycats, kitties, lip rings, liz phair, lucky charms, macy gray, madonna, marc holland, margaret cho, mary poppins, marylin monroe, mass art, masturbation, mirah, mix tapes, moldy peaches, monet, monkeys, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, my buckle wristband, neutral milk hotel, new york dolls, newsies, no doubt, oil pastels, ok go, orgasms, peaches, peewee's playhouse, perfect strangers, photography, pin-up girls, pomegranets, pornography, price e. hunt, pride, punky brewster, r.e.m., rap snacks, religious imagery, renaissance art, rosenquist, rufus the wonderpuppy, rufus wainwright, saint olaf, shiny things, shoes, shopping, showering together, showers, singing in the rain, sleepaway camp, slippers, soap, socks, sondre lerche, spice girls, sprite, star filled skies, starlight mints, stereo total, stickers, stripping, sunglasses, swedish fish, swimming, tattoos, the 40's, the 80's, the beach at night, the decemberists, the eaves, the eels, the postal service, the princess bride, the red line, the vexers, things that vibrate, tight pants, tracy and the plastics, trading spaces, travis, velcro, velvet goldmine, walking around naked, warm blankets, weezer, zippers, zombies