king of carrot flowers (tadziobermi) wrote,
king of carrot flowers

the train and why it sucks

tonight was darrens going away dinner in melrose at mexico lindo. it was good food, but then all hell broke loooooothst. so we finished eating at like 10:15 and decided to get some beer before we left so that we didnt chance missing the stores closing, so matt b, matt l, some kid, darren and i went on a hunt for a liquor store. becky went with patrick and some other kids to the oak grove stop. the first place we went to was closed at 10, so we decided to go to a nearby store, but we got lost and then when we got there, they didnt accept out of state id, but let matt buy for everyone eles, wierd. so then we headed back to the t stop, but when we got there becky was mad cause it took 45 minutes, and the people she went with left her alone. then we were waiting for like 20 minutes on the platform when we heard an announcement that the orange line was bussing between sullivan square and oak grove because of a medical emergency. so i wnent to ask the attendent where to get the bus, and she was a total bitch and no help, so we waited a little more. then a guy who had walked from malden center came and told us that the bus wasnt running regualrly, so we left the train platform and met about 10 others who were waiting for the bus. soon after, 15 minutes or so, the bus came and we were on our way. we then boarded a train and got off at north station where we had to get on a c train to get off again at park street to catch a b train so we could head to the casbah for thier party. by the time we got the B train and got to allston ?(crammed in like sardines no less), it was one oclock. 1 fribggin o clock. we had left he resturaunt at 10:15, and got to allston at 1am. it sucked and i almost actually cried. to make matters worse, when we got the party, not on,y was the boy who i have had a crush on for about a year now there, but he was in the same room as i was most of the night and i couldnt do a thing about it beause of my current "quasi" state (dont get me wrong, i like the "quasi" boyfriending, but i have wanted to see this boy at a casbah party since i found out about him, and it has never happened.) so overall, commuting was a night mare, but i did have a balst at work counting ancient socks for inventory. and if i want to get up for work on time, i need to go to bed. it feels like i died tonight.
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