king of carrot flowers (tadziobermi) wrote,
king of carrot flowers

snow way!

so i got a half day at work and that rocked! i was shoveling and there was lightning. pretty romantic i think. today i realized that in the winter months i tend to fall in love at least once a week with a random stranger on the 39 bus. i also realized i fall in love with strangers a lot in general. that is why the internet is not a good thing. the end.

ps not really.

i worked on one collar draft for 5 hours today. i am never going to finish all four outfits by wednesday!but ive come to terms with my lack of time and i think im willing to say "fukkit". besides, itsd better to be absent minded and daydreaming about 39bus boys, shuttle boys, internet boys, customers boys, lesbians that look like boys at first glance, and the naked boy on the lucy parsons center bike documentry anarchy black and white flyer thing., than to be thinking coherently!
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