king of carrot flowers (tadziobermi) wrote,
king of carrot flowers

so what's new?

apparently the enigma that is gentelmen still confuse/ scare me.

i seem to have developed a very bad body odor over the past few months. i wonder if i should start eating bettetr. i did eat soup for two days in a row and my pee smelled like it. i think i'll stick to not eating well if that's gonna be the case.

i wrote my art since 1945 take home today and i hope she likes it cause idontcareitsdone!

we found 3 dead mice in my kitchen today. they are now currently residing in the backyard. and still surrently attached to the weapons of their destruction. hey. i a humanist, i dont belong to PETA, sorry.

Speaking of PETA, i decided to be an ass and start a group called PELT. it stands for People for Ethical Livestock Treatment. As i see it, i'm still going to eat them, but at least i know they were happy.

In addition to my new odor, i have become increasingly bitter.

I made art today. I think i'll just identify as a performance artist and i'll consider waking up my form of expression.

I also was thinking in a stream of thoughts today, that if they do wind up banning gay marriage in the coming months, i will be at the statehouse with a sign that says something like "THIS FUCKING FAGGOT WILL KILL YOUR WIFE NOW, GOOD JOB AT MAKING ME HAPPY", or maybe i'll just stick to my original plan of silly stringing the fence outside... oh man... that would suck to clean up.

i just want to kiss more.

im procrastinating sleeping sorry. i'll stop this nonsense.
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