king of carrot flowers (tadziobermi) wrote,
king of carrot flowers

relapse recovery

my horoscope today:

How nice it is to relax after all of the craziness of the last few days, Dave. You might be feeling understandably tired and need this day to recharge your batteries. Don't pressure yourself to get much done. The chores and cleaning up can wait until tomorrow. For now, enjoy chatting with the family and friends who stop by. It's a day to reconnect first and foremost.

last night was one of those strange occurences. one of those normal kid nights. hang out with friends after work, go out to a bar, hang out a bit more, go home, go to party upstairs, have a sleepover with someone you havent seen in a long time. then you fall asleep and wake up and feel like everything is finally going to be normal for a few days.... and then when you're alone you realize its more stressful to be OK than worried.

... normal kid stuff.
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