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Since we last talked:

I lived in Italy for 4 months
I joined a burlesque troupe and have been performing drag for about 7 years as Aquanette Prudence Jones
Gina is married to Lukanga Ndalima and has lived in Nairobi for 5 years (she has recently returned for a brief time) and is the mother of two wonderful young people, Josefina and Sebastian. I visited her twice
Danny got divorced and has twins who are now 4 years old
I quit Alan Bilzerian and went to work for Riccardi on Newbury St
I'm engaged to Nathaniel J Fink (currently studying at Tufts University). He proposed on a boat in Portland, ME on our 5th anniversary. We have a cat, Genevive.
I live in Chicago, IL
I'm a first year graduate student at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the MDes Fashion, Body, and Garment program
My parents still live in Barnstable
Nini has moved into Uncle Sal's apartment
President Barack Obama

I still don't own a dulcimer and I still am narcissistic and a bad speller, but autocorrect fixes that flaw easily.
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