king of carrot flowers (tadziobermi) wrote,
king of carrot flowers

state of the union

i havent used this in a while but i wanted to pose a question. when did this country's leading bipartisan views turn into a case of Christian vs. Democrat? I'm so sick of hearing people accuse the Christians of all being bigots and vice versa... not all Democrats are liberal. We live in a society, in my view, where no matter what your personal belifes are, you establish an open mind on issues and for an educated opinion in order to reach a solution which does not negatively affect one party. Im deeply offended that a leader, wether president or city council representative would make a decision that would potentially harm one of the people they are chosen to govern with no apology. I cannot be a citizen of a country where i am viewed, at even the smallest level as a second class citizen. To classify citizens as groups and allot one differnt rights than another is not an admirable way to lead. I feel such anger toall people of this country who do not use thier own heads.
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