king of carrot flowers (tadziobermi) wrote,
king of carrot flowers

what a spring break

so saturday night i cant remember, but in the course of the night i was kicked out of a bar for falling asleep, and a i might have been taken advantage of during my sleep by an aquaintance who smelled my penis out of curiosity

sunday i was held hostage (sort of) by said aquaintance, kicked out of another aquaintances apartment when previous aquaintance threw a picture of jesus at a wall

monday i revisited new buddah's delight, had a good time a jaque's cabaret, got cheated on (admittedly, quite randomly) while helping a friend who was blacking out and puking into a cab and getting her (and her friend from home) home. dragging said friend out of cab while she was screaming and thrashing, dealt with cops who were called to scene by (probably many) neighbors, found out about cheating while in a shower washing my friends puke off of my hands, went to bed not knowing what to think

tuesday i had to recollect the story of the night for said friendsand it hit me what happened so i went to the studio to work but just got horribly depressed and came home to friends hanging out in my apartment with the boy who had just done my heart in. so i hurried and collected goth items in a north quincy swimming duffle bag, slammed my doors and headed over to brighton to do a marylin manson/ dita von teese wedding inspired photoshoot with jen kennealy (forgive my spelling) and her friend ama lea at BC. after the shoot i dropped my stuff off here at the apartment and went over to becky, sophie and alex's apartmet to sleep over

wednesday woke up at 5:30am to go to New York to buy last of my fabric with sophie, ryan and becky. met up with sachi and amy and spent a lot of money on fabric. came home, contiued my immature silent protest of friendship and took a shower. then i fixed the internet connection and here i am ranting.

so spring break has worked out just like it should i guess, and i didnt even have to go to cancun for it to happen!
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